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Acne Care

Balance Skin Conditioner


DermaAngel Balance Skin Conditioner is specially designed for oily and acne-prone skin. It strengthens the skin's natural barrier by balancing, soothing, and healing your skin, which gradually restores your healthy, balanced, natural radiance!

Keep Pores Clear & Acnes Away

Exfoliating | Moisturizing | Repairing

Triple effects to balance oily skin

balance oily skin

Gentle formulation, free from harmful ingredients

• Simplified formulation which is suitable to all skin, including the sensitive skin.
• Free from parabens, alcohol, fragrances and colorants.

Three Key Advantages

1. Exfoliating
Exfoliate Gently to improve acne

Gently exfoliate with natural plant-based Salicylic Acid(white willow bark extract) to unclog the pore and prevent acne.


2. Moisturizing
Balance skin's natural oil & water levels

Skin conditioning and moisturizing to maintain oil-water balance with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B3.


3. Repairing
Repair the skin barrier

Skin repairing ingredients added: Vitamin B5 and Centella Asiatica Extract to stabilize skin condition and repair the skin barrier.


How to use

toner direction

After cleaning, apply a proper amount into the palms.

toner direction

Gently massage on face and neck with fingertips until absorbed.

toner direction

Or put it on with cotton to let the active ingredient penetrate.